Ukraine Now Using Over 10,000 Starlink Units to Keep Country Online

So far, the Russian military doesn’t appear to be targeting Starlink dishes, according to Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation.

Ukraine is now using over 10,000 Starlink dishes to help bring the internet to war-torn areas across the country, according to a government minister.

“So, right now, it’s more than 10,000 units in Ukraine,” Alex Bornyakov, the country’s deputy minister of digital transformation, told The Washington Post in a video stream on Tuesday. 

According to Bornyakov, the Ukrainian government has been installing the Starlink dishes in areas hit hard by the Russian invasion. This includes the cities of Chernihiv and Mariupol, which the Russian military have attempted to take over.  

“There was need for [supplying] military first and hospitals, but then we started to give them out to some enterprises because we need business running,” Bornyakov said. “We need companies to work, even in cities where it’s in close proximity from Russian troops.