Our Private Placement Program

Mercer Capital Management has available special Private Placement Programs for active clients that qualify.

Again, it is essential to know that a Private Placement is a financial vehicle used by a company to raise capital.

Mercer Capital Management  has positioned themselves in a very unique way so as to be able to offer a select number of qualified clients the opportunity to participate in a Blue Chip stock Private Placement offering.

The offer when available from a public company is to purchase shares at a discount from the trading price as an incentive, with a short restriction of up to 12 months for resale.

Investing in a Private Placement requires risk tolerance, low liquidity, and long term commitment.

However, when utilizing a Private Placement with a Blue Chip Stock the investment becomes much lower risk, higher liquidity and a turnaround of 12 months or less.

As such these offerings maybe made available only to certain institutional investors as a group and to high net worth individuals.

At Mercer Capital Management  we believe managing wealth is a long term project and we work to preserve capital investments, to re invest profits, and defer taxes. This process builds portfolios exponentially i.e. NOT 1,2,3,4,5, BUT 1,2,4,8,16,32,64

At Mercer Capital Management  we offer personal service and provide knowledgeable staff to assist in building successful financial portfolios

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