Our People

Management Team

At Mercer Capital Management we believe that people are the reason for our success, especially when it comes to putting together the most appropriate team for each of the investments we make. We are capable of putting together the right people with the right transaction and market sector track proven experience, to identify the most promising investment opportunities for all our clients ranging from the family investor right up to our institutional business investor and then provide the avenues to long term growth for our portfolio companies.

Our management team consists of a group of extremely dedicated and experienced professionals who are 100% committed to offering the best possible service to its ever expanding institutional and private client base as well as to our portfolio companies. Our diverse management team have extensive track proven experience in management, consulting and investing in companies across a wide array of the financial market sectors.

Advisory Board

Mercer Capital Management’s Advisory Board brings together exceptional people from around the political and business worlds headed by Andrew Scott Lewis, providing the companies in which we invest in with access to pre-eminent visionaries and industry advisors. They offer Mercer Capital Management¬† and our portfolio companies up to the minute informed perspectives on political, strategic, social and other issues. These specialist people have a wide ranging track record of success across the globe and provide the advice and insight which helps both Mercer Capital Management¬† and the management of its portfolio companies to build successful companies.

Although the Advisory Board has no legal responsibility or any say in corporate matters, they provide valuable insight knowledge, and up-to-date information to our teams, assisting us in making informed decisions regarding our investments and our direction as a company.