Institutional Clients


At Mercer Capital Management our team of dedicated professionals, work round the clock to bring our institutional clients a complete range of bespoke investment consulting services, aiming to continually raise the bar, setting new industry standards for providing investment solutions to sophisticated investors.

We work with a wide range of institutional clients from large retail clients to hedge fund managers to large non – profit organizations, and corporations to help them manage their fiduciary responsibilities with the utmost confidence by offering a full range of equity and fixed income strategies across multiple asset classes, capitalizations, sectors, styles, and regions—including investment vehicles such as:

  • Separately managed portfolios
  • Sub-advised portfolios
  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Commingled funds and trusts designed for regions across the globe

What makes Mercer Capital Management so well equipped to help you as an institutional trader?

  • A proven track record
  • Multiple clearing arrangements
  • Ability to custom fit back office solutions
  • Advanced trade allocation capabilities
  • Experience with the different exchange membership incentive programs such as the CME 106.R volume incentive program
  • Advanced RISK Management as well as Automatic liquidation for different set ups
  • We can offer some of the LOWEST available commission rates for High Volume Traders

These are just a few of the great advantages Mercer Capital Management offers our clients. Our wide range of investment strategies together with our singular focus on client success, allows our team to offer exceptional investment management to help our institutional clients achieve their long-term investment goals. This focus has been Mercer Capital Management’s philosophy since we opened our doors to business, allowing us to build and maintain a reputation for objectivity and integrity in our approach to client service and investment management. This means, on the one hand, understanding macroeconomic trends and global strategies and, on the other, understanding the diverse and unique investment circumstances facing each client. Whatever you’re individual needs or requirements as an institutional investor, our institutional advisers will work closely with you, starting with a full review of your current portfolio to identify capabilities, solutions and services that meet your individual investment objectives and depending on your goals we can offer both segregated and pooled portfolio management.