Equity Markets

Sales and Trading

Our Sales and Trading team provides multi-national expertise and experience to institutional clients in Europe, North America and abroad. To facilitate our clients’ needs, we offer coverage from our partner offices around the globe. Our Institutional Sales and Trading group is dedicated to excellence in the equity related securities markets. We create exceptional value in support of our clients’ business goals, evidenced in the execution of our trading and distribution strategies and by our delivery of a wide range of equity related products.

We draw on the considerable resources of Mercer Capital Management in Capital Markets, Block Trading, Options/Derivatives and Convertible Bonds. Our substantial institutional block trading practice provides timely and efficient execution. Relationship management teams ensure that our clients have access to both our domestic and international product lines.

It is this highly efficient business platform, coupled with our superior research capabilities, that enables us to provide seamless execution for all of our clients.

Capital Markets

Our Equity Capital Markets group oversees the firm’s activities in the new issue equity and equity-linked markets. Our role encompasses origination, execution and after-market services. We structure innovative primary and secondary market transactions that are designed to solve client’s financing and risk management challenges through the use of convertible securities and various financial derivatives.


Our seasoned traders and dedicated credit analysts work closely with an experienced sales team and the firm’s research analysts to bring the strong market intelligence to our clients. In addition, our Income Deposit Security (IDS) and Income Trust specialists provide on-desk expertise in these alternative investment instruments.

We have built a unique crossover institutional convertibles business which includes dedicated relationships with bond funds, convertible accounts, equity income funds and special situation funds. In addition, we have a strong track record in convert buybacks, debt- for-equity swaps, and exchanges.

Specialty Sales

Our Specialty Sales and Facilitation-Trading group is committed to excellence in the equity related securities markets. We maintain inventories of equity-related securities such as income trusts, income deposit securities, and convertible bonds in order to facilitate client orders.


Mercer Capital Management caters to an institutional clientele, with emphasis placed on exchange listed derivative products. As a part of our product mix, we offer daily option analytics, risk capital for liquidity, and proactive execution.

Customer Portfolio Trading

We focus on realizing efficiencies and minimizing market impact, thereby enhancing our client’s overall investment performance. Our coordinated approach for managing portfolio fundings and redemptions, rebalances, asset allocations, and transitions, integrates risk management, decision support analytics, automated strategies and access to multiple sources of liquidity.