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Welcome to Mercer Capital Management


Welcome to the Mercer Capital Management internet portal. We appreciate you for taking the time to peruse our available financial services and information. We are strong believers in putting the customer first, our team are dedicated to offering the best advice available and really connecting with our clients.

Through its worldwide institutional funding sources, Mercer Capital Management efficiently arranges both equity and debt financing by offering new capital to public and private companies for investment business purposes. Over the last 11 years, Mercer Capital Management has focused its practice in natural resources, infrastructure, commodity and technology companies whose technology can be specifically leveraged within our client base. Mercer Capital Management strives to employ technologies with low impact on the global environment.

Mercer Capital Management sources financing for companies with immediate short-term capital needs not generally available from traditional capital markets. Drawing upon a dedicated and select pool of institutional and private funds, we effectively eliminate the costly and time-consuming fundraising endeavors normally associated with today’s conventional underwriting processes. Individually tailored direct investments are usually structured as common stock, preferred debt, or equity instruments. We complete our financings in an effective and efficient timeframe and refrain from any advertising and publicity while keeping all client company discussions, negotiations, and proprietary information in the strictest confidence.

At Mercer Capital Management, our aim has always been to provide and recommend superior Equity, Fixed Interest, and balanced Capital and Asset Management services to a very wide range of clients, concentrating on individual clients while still offering services to institutional and corporate investors. Placing our customer’s needs first is what we do, our success is the result of a direct correlation to our client’s investment success. Over the years our continued success has always been down to the satisfaction of our clients. We aim to educate, advise and build a very powerful bond of trust between ourselves and our clients.

Over time we have developed processes and strategies that have helped us produce some of the best-performing products and services in the global financial arena. This website is designed to give you an insight into what we can offer, further information will be provided via our professional account executives. We are also happy to talk with both existing and potential clients.

Our contact information is at the foot of this page, or you can use the contact page

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